Do you need someone to help you down the rocky road of getting your health insurance plan to cover your bariatric or metabolic surgery?

Does your health plan make it almost impossible to see where you're going now that your surgeon has requested authorization for your medically necessary surgery?

Are you afraid of what lies ahead on the road you're on because your insurance company has put you in a fog - heading to an unknown destination?

We can navigate through the obstacles so that your road to better health is straight and smooth.


Don't Take "No" For An Answer! Your FREE consultation starts by calling 1-877-99-APPEAL (877-992-7732) to learn how we help appeal the denial and WIN IT so you can get on the road to better health. Your only risk is not to call!

We Know The System And Make It Work For YOU

Today’s healthcare climate makes appealing denials scary and complicated. We make sure YOUR rights are protected and you get the fair review you deserve. Your life and health are too important not to have the best bariatric surgery experts fighting for YOU!

Denied? You Need To Appeal NOW!

You may be devastated and part of wants to give up – we understand! But what you want more is better health and quality of life and to get that you need someone who will fight for you even when it seems hopeless. We help you WIN!

You Don’t Have To Wait To Ask For Approval

If your doctor says surgery is Medically Necessary but you don’t meet insurance criteria we can help you get approved at the earliest possible time even if you don’t meet the insurer’s medical policy (like a 6-month diet). Don’t let them make you wait!


From Aetna to Zenith, we have successfully handled bariatric and metabolic surgery appeals and reconstructive surgery denials against almost every major insurance company, self-insured plan or third-party administrator in the nation. Since 1996 we have handled over 7000 cases. We have worked tirelessly with surgeons and bariatric programs across the U.S., helping them to improve their patient pathways leading to more insurance approvals and fewer denials. We are the recognized experts in the field and are committed and passionate about helping patients access the care they need and so richly deserve!

Fighting to get insurance approval for bariatric surgery almost seems like you are fighting for your life – and in many cases you are doing exactly that! An experienced Advocate can make the difference between getting approved or living with “No.”

But not just any Advocate will do. You need someone who knows what you’re going through – someone like Walter Lindstrom – who had bariatric surgery OVER 20 YEARS AGO. Walter and his wife Kelley are uniquely qualified to help you meet the obstacles and challenges placed by your insurance company because we understand every aspect of what it is like for you to live as a person of size in today’s society. We embody a combination of zealous advocacy of your rights and empathy with your pain and frustration. We have been where you are now and we can help you.

If your insurance plan is denying the treatment your doctor says is medically necessary….



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