What does PASS stand for?
PASS stands for Patient Appeals Support Services.

What is the LOA Bariatric PASS Program?
The Bariatric PASS Program is a subscription-based consulting service which enables your bariatric surgery program to have regularly scheduled access to the nation’s leading experts on the complexities of insurance coverage for all forms of weight loss surgery, whether it is for primary cases or revisions. Rather than provide a “cookie cutter,” “one-size-fits-all” checklist, Bariatric PASS Enrollees will have the chance to obtain targeted, program-specific information which is most relevant to the issues faced by them and their patients.

How does the Bariatric PASS Program increase your practice revenue?
The math is pretty simple.  For a very reasonable quarterly fee, PASS Program enrollees can obtain solutions to frequent, nagging insurance problems that limit or prevent patient access.  Maybe it’s addressing a particular patient whose pre-authorization presents special challenges or perhaps it is figuring out how to obtain more approvals from a dominant employer group or payer in your service area.  Whatever the issue, having Bariatric PASS will save valuable staff time spent on insurance problems and improve processing of patients – that leads to increased rates of insurance approvals . . . more approved patients equals more revenue.

What are some of the specific features of Bariatric PASS Program?
Your program will set up scheduled telephone or video conferences with either Walter Lindstrom or both Kelley Brown Lindstrom to address your questions, issues and problems for an hour a month. The monthly allotment can be broken down into 15 minute intervals – all scheduled in advance.  That time is yours and allows your program to identify roadblocks affecting insurance approvals, brainstorm potential solutions and pitfalls, and improve problem areas which are unique to your practice, your payer mix and your program.

Will we be able to have different people involved in these monthly consultations?
ABSOLUTELY!  One month your surgeon might want to discuss an issue of pressing concern.  Another session might be with your insurance specialist discussing new cases that he/she wants to submit to a problem payer.  Perhaps your Program Coordinator wants to have your seminar materials or letters of medical necessity reviewed . . . whatever the issue that negatively impacts your program getting insurance approvals, LOA can be there as a regular part of your team, regardless of the number of surgeons in the practice or the type of bariatric procedures which are performed.

How much is it to enroll in Bariatric PASS?
The annual Bariatric PASS consulting fee is $2,000 and is conveniently auto-billed to your program’s VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card on a quarterly basis ($500.00 per quarter).  As few as 1-2 additional case approvals over the year ensures this program will more than pay for itself.  The value to Bariatric PASS enrollees is substantial since they are getting more than a than 50% discounted rate from our hourly and per diem consulting rates.

Is the fee $2,000 per surgeon?
No. The consulting fee is “per program” and not per surgeon.  The only limitation is if your program operates in more than one U.S. State.  Because of geographic differences regarding bariatric insurance problems, multi-state practices may be required to pay an additional fee depending on various factors we are happy to discuss in order to accommodate your program.

Are there other benefits to enrolling in the Bariatric PASS Program?
There are advantages to both your program andyour patients. Additional “perks” for PASS Program enrollees include:

  • A 20% discount on our fees for any of your patients requiring help with an appeal
  • Discounted rates on LOA’s extended consulting, staff training and related services
  • Bariatric PASS Program members will be listed on the Lindstrom Obesity Advocacy Resource Page showing your program’s commitment to achieving excellence, not only in your clinical outcomes, but in serving the best interests of your patients when it comes to the frustrating and difficult process of obtaining insurance approval




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